Lewkulele Lockdown Track Details

1. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Andy Razaff, Fats Waller, Harry Brookes - 1929)
Recorded by Fats Waller in 1929

Rollo-bass, Brian-uke/vocals, Tim-uke/vocals, Roger-uke/vocals, Helen and Paul- uke/vocals, Kathy and Mick-uke, Bill-uke/vocals, Howard-uke/vocals, Alistair-banjolele/vocals, Pam-uke/vocals, Jim uke/guitar/vocals

2. Bad Moon Rising (John Fogerty - 1969)
Recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1969

Rollo-bass, Howard-uke/vocals, Pam-uke, Tim-uke, Andy-guitar, Bill-uke, Caroline-uke/vocals, Helen and Paul-uke/vocals, Jim-uke/vocals

3. Daydream Believer (John Stewart)
Recorded by The Monkees in 1967

Rollo-bass, Howard-uke/vocals, Tim-uke/vocals, Pam-vocals, Bill-vocals, Alistair-vocals, Roger-vocals, Brian-vocals, Jim-uke/vocals, Jack-uke, Mick-uke, Andy-guitar

4. Doctor Jazz (Joe”King”Oliver - 1926)
Recorded by Jelly Roll Morton in 1929

Rollo-bass, Pam-uke/vocals/kazoo, Bill-uke/vocals/kazoo, Helen and Paul-uke/vocals, Tim-uke/vocals/kazoo, Jim-uke/vocals

5. I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash)
Recorded by Johnny Nash in 1972

Rollo-bass, Roger-vocals, Bill-vocals, Pam-uke/vocals, Helen and Paul-vocals, Andy-guitar, Jim-uke/guitar/vocals/bass/percussion/synth

6. It’s Only a Paper Moon (Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg, Billy Rose)
Recorded by Paul Whiteman in 1933

Rollo-bass, Tim-uke/vocals, Bill-vocals, Andy-guitar, Helen and Paul-vocals, Howard-uke/vocals, Pam-uke/vocals/whistling, Brian-uke/vocals/whistling, Jim-uke/vocals/whistling

7. Octopus’ Garden (Richard Starkey [Ringo Starr])
Recorded by the Beatles in 1969

Rollo-bass, Caroline-uke/vocals, Bill-vocals, Helen and Paul-uke/vocals, Pam-uke/vocals, Alistair-uke/vocals, Tim-vocals/uke, Howard-uke/vocals, Andy-guitar, Mr Mystery-recorder

8. Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)
Recorded by Bill Staines in 1979

Rollo-bass, Andy-guitar, Paul-vocals, Helen-vocals, Pam-vocals, Bill-uke, Jim-vocals/guitar/synth/finger tapping

9. Super Trouper (Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus)
Recorded by ABBA in 1980

Rollo-bass, Tim-uke/vocals, Brian-uke/vocals, Pam-vocals/uke, Helen and Paul-uke/vocals, Andy-guitar, Howard-vocals, Bill-uke/vocals, Jim-uke/vocals/guitar/piano

10. (I’m the) Urban Spaceman (Neil Innes)
Recorded by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band in 1968

Rollo-bass, Howard-uke/vocals, Bill-uke/vocals, Caroline-uke/vocals, Andy-guitar, Helen and Paul-uke/vocals, Jack-kazoo, Pam-banjolele/vocals/kazoo, Brian-uke/vocals/kazoo,
Tim-uke/vocals/kazoo, Alistair-banjolele, Jim-uke/vocals

11. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Randy Newman)
Recorded by Randy Newman in 1995

Roger-vocals, Paul-vocals, Howard-vocals, Jim-uke/guitar/shaker/bass

12. Bring Me Sunshine (Arthur Kent, Sylvia Dee - 1968)
Recorded first by The Mills Brothers in 1968

Rollo-bass, Howard-uke/vocals, Brian-uke/vocals/kazoo, Paul and Helen-uke/vocals, Pam-uke/vocals/kazoo, Bill-guitar/uke/kazoo, Roger-vocals, Caroline-uke/vocals, Jim-uke/vocals